If you have an internal link set up that you no longer need, you can navigate to the link manager and simply delete the link or edit the keyword, destination, title or make the link follow or no-follow.

There is no such thing as a gaurantee when it comes to SEO, however, internal linking is one of the most fundemental things you can do to help Google crawl your site, determine which pages are important, add context to the page (anchor text) and much more.

Internal links can definitely have a positive impact on your rankings.

Any Shopify site can see a benefit in using Juice, however if you really want to make the most of our tool. If you really want to grow your organic traffic as much as you can, we suggest implementing a blog.
Write about things your customers are interested in, what they might be searching for – also known as long tail keywords.

Just a Shopify account. We have tried to make the interface as straight forward as possible, so as long as you have a Shopify store, you can get started in minutes.

Currently, our app is only in english, however we are working on it!